10 Things I Learned Getting Married
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10 Things I Learned Getting Married

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My Tips for Brides As I sat getting my nails done on the morning of my wedding (in silence due to my minimal grasp of the Portuguese language!) I started jotting down the things that I wanted to share with you about getting married – the things that I didn’t have a clue about beforehand that I wish I’d heard….


My Tips for Brides

As I sat getting my nails done on the morning of my wedding (in silence due to my minimal grasp of the Portuguese language!) I started jotting down the things that I wanted to share with you about getting married – the things that I didn’t have a clue about beforehand that I wish I’d heard. I’m not talking philosophically about the nature of marriage here, but everything I learnt in the lead-up to and on the big day itself. Putting on the biggest party of your life isn’t a piece of cake. Things will be harder than you expect, but easier at the same time. It’ll make sense later…

Here are 10 things that every bride should know before getting married!

1. Pinterest

Oh Pinterest. Of course, it’s an absolutely fantastic tool for storyboarding and finding ideas, but your obsession with your wedding board will have to come to an end and you’ll need to accept that perfection isn’t attainable.

You’ve probably pinned hundreds of pictures from hundreds of different weddings – the very very best bits of hundreds of weddings at that, and whilst you might be able to incorporate a few of those ideas, don’t get hung up on having it all. Plus, half of those pictures are probably from styled shoots – not real life.

2. You can’t please ’em all

Even with the most straightforward of guestlists and a fairly fuss-free family, you’ll probably still run into problems as people find a way to make your day about them. I didn’t expect any invite-related drama at all but found myself in tears on several occasions, and I’ve heard this time and time again from other brides.

Stay strong, and remember this is your day.

3. Take Time

Take time for yourself. Your wedding day is ridiculously hectic and goes by in a flash, so make sure the morning is just as special and take a little time to relax.

I decided it would be a good idea to get my nails done at the hotel spa, which was perfect for a little space and breathing room whilst everybody buzzed around getting ready.

4. £££

It’ll cost more than you think. Even for the best budgeters, there will be costs that you’d never considered. My eyes watered just at the price of sending out the invitations to our 70 guests, which was something that had never crossed my mind.

Whilst there are wonderful budget checklists and spreadsheets out there for wedding planning, there are still going to be sneaky last-minute things you’ll need to pay for (white umbrellas, anyone?) – so set aside a little extra money just incase.

5. Nothing Else Matters

On the day, nothing else matters. Things will go wrong, but by then it’s far too late to do anything about it, and you have to shrug it off and enjoy yourself. You won’t care – you’ve just married the man/woman you love and no table plan cock-ups or floral mishaps can dampen how wonderful you’ll feel.

My car turned up with fuchsia flowers on the bonnet, our meal-time playlist played the same 10 songs on repeat, and the cute sliders we’d planned as snacks in the evening…well, the less said about them the better! But you’ll laugh it off, I promise.

6. And pose!

Having your photo taken is kind of annoying. I mentioned this in the post about our wedding – but time away from your guests to pose for photos is almost excruciating! I didn’t want to miss a single bit of fun.

Of course, the results are wonderful and you’ll cherish the photos forever, but convince your photographers not to head too far afield – you’ll want to get back to the party.

7. Legal Stuff

Of course, this all depends on what kind of marriage you have, but be warned – there are boring legal things you’ll need to do beforehand, and in a timely manner! I think I literally had to Google ‘how to get married’, because they don’t teach you these things at school.

You’ll need to give notice of marriage at least 30 days before your ceremony (which incurs another extra cost that you might not have factored in!). We made the mistake of leaving it too late as we were far too casual in booking an appointment (they get booked up fast!), meaning we had to reschedule our ceremony at the registry office. More on that later…

8. Seating

Seating plans are the WORST. Give yourself a good amount of time to sort out your seating plan. The politics of who should sit next to who and fitting people around a table are just UGH.

Make sure you use a free online table planner – there are plenty out there that allow you to add your guests and drag them around from table to table until you have the perfect combo. Try Weddingspot.co.uk or Hitched.co.uk.

9. Rain or shine

When you book your wedding for the end of spring in Portugal, you kind of assume you’re going to have good weather. Turns out, it doesn’t always work that way! ALWAYS have a back-up plan for bad weather.

Of course, it’s probably going to be a compromise if you have a sunny outdoor wedding in mind, but if you’re able to build in options for your plan-B from the get-go, you won’t have to scramble around last minute when the weather app is predicting the worst. And I mean literally the worst.

10. The People

It really is all about the people. You can try and impress your guests with fancy DIY attempts and lavish floral displays, but that won’t be what they take away from the day. At all of the weddings I’ve been lucky enough to attend, I’ve left thinking about how the beautiful speeches made me cry, or the face of the groom when he saw his bride for the first time.

Having all the people you love the most in one place is the absolute best thing about getting married.

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