christmas day!
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christmas day!

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wanted to share a few photos from our christmas day! christmas with kids is so much fun. i am so thankful for them and for the wonderful day we had together. christmas fell on a sunday this year, and at first when i realized that, i was like, “well, that’s too bad!” which is such a sorry thought and i did…


wanted to share a few photos from our christmas day! christmas with kids is so much fun. i am so thankful for them and for the wonderful day we had together.

christmas fell on a sunday this year, and at first when i realized that, i was like, “well, that’s too bad!” which is such a sorry thought and i did feel bad about having it after the fact. haha! i guess i’m outing myself in the fact that sometimes going to church for 3 hours on sunday with my kids is not a great experience. but christmas is about celebrating our savior’s birth and what a great gift he is to all of us, and it was really wonderful to have that moment of pause during our christmas day to reflect on him during church, which was only an hour long on sunday (albeit still a very crazy hour with my three kids at church.)

my biggest highlight from christmas day was when our entire family crowded around a computer as we were also able to video skype with my brother who is serving a two year mission for our church in mexico (we are only able to correspond via letters and he’s able to email once a week) so it felt so so special to have my entire family on video chat for a full hour and a half with him and see everyone’s faces and talk for an extended time.

we also attempted to make my mom’s homemade pierogi for christmas dinner! it was our first time making it without her, and we did alright! it took forever and my kitchen has never looked so bad once we finished, but i’m excited to continue that tradition over the coming years with my kids.


many of you guys asked about this star projector night light my dad got the kids for christmas! it makes their walls and ceilings spin with stars and moons at night and all three are obsessed. (you can find it online here.)


she asked for oil pastels for christmas and she was over the moon excited to get them! she plopped them right down on the coffee table and started to draw. this was one of the first gifts she opened, too! but she was so content, she didn’t care about unwrapping anything else for so long. it made me realize how little these kids need at christmas! we always try to really limit the gifts we give them to just a few special things, but this was a good reminder once again.


i realize the two pictures above are basically the same, but i love his face in both so much, had to share them both. he counted to 100 with his mat and was just so proud the entire time!


of all his gifts, conrad has been carrying around this tiny leap frog laptop nana sent him all week. he is the funniest two year old. haha! between his laptop and wrist watch, he looks like a little grandpa sometimes with all his gadgets. haha!


when mama and papa don’t really get to open gifts because the kids always want to help and open it for us! hahaha!


this sweetheart asked santa for a jet pack with 100 real boosters! we tried our best to explain that they don’t make real jet packs for kids and crossed our fingers this star wars one would fulfill his christmas dreams and were pretty glad he loved it so much. he said, “mom, this is how high i can jump by myself, and THIS (jumping a little higher) is how high i can jump with my jet pack.” we got extra oil pastels for samson and also a jet pack for eleanor, because it makes play time more fun when they can do it all together. the jet packs are too big for conrad right now, and oil pastels are of little interest over crayons, but hopefully conrad can join in with them soon!


every christmas, we have the kids choose several different kinds of animals on heifer international to gift to families around the world where these animals can help their families become more self reliant and provide for themselves through sustainable farming and donated animals. our kids get so excited to look through all the animals and i think it’s such a great way for them to learn how to give. heifer didn’t ask me to share this, and this is not sponsored, it’s something we do every christmas together and thought it’d be nice to share in case any of you are looking for ways to help get your kids excited about giving to others.


getting our pierogi making on! (you can see the recipe here if you’d like to try them!)


and all dressed up for church in the middle of the day! i am so thankful for this beautiful family of mine and for the christmas season. such a special time.

ps. our matching christmas pajama’s here and my red dress, my sparkle heels, and red lipstick (in shade beso.)


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