christmas weekend!
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christmas weekend!

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hi everyone! i’ve been slower the past few days at getting our christmas photos up because the kids have been home from school and it’s been so nice spending time with them! it is making me so excited for this summer, when kindergarten and morning preschool are out of session and i get my babies back! i hope you had a…


hi everyone! i’ve been slower the past few days at getting our christmas photos up because the kids have been home from school and it’s been so nice spending time with them! it is making me so excited for this summer, when kindergarten and morning preschool are out of session and i get my babies back!

i hope you had a merry christmas! we had a wonderful week of all things christmas, and of course we took so many photos, i’ll have to share some pictures from christmas day in a separate post. highlights of christmas weekend included getting to spend time with my sister hannah and her husband, and also my sister rachel and her husband, too! we crammed in a few extra christmas festivities around the city including the metropolitan museum of art’s angel christmas tree and the origami christmas tree at the natural history museum. josh made more ginger cookies than he could eat (it’s his tradition every christmas eve, and it’s the only time he allows himself to eat cookies!), we made forts, went ice skating, tried to take all three kids to a 9:30am movie (and learned that conrad doesn’t really have it in him yet to sit still for so long so he only lasted a little while), and i was able to take eleanor and samson to see the christmas spectacular at radio city music hall! i think this was our 4th year going, and it is such a magical tradition for our family. our kids talk about it all year long so it was extra special this year to be invited backstage after the show by the rockettes themselves! photos below…


getting our ginger cookie making on! i’m doing my best on getting josh to share his very secret cookie recipe at some point on this blog! i feel like i’m getting closer, even though he still says no (lol).  someday, guys! i’m working on it!


is it horrible to say that i actually am only able to eat one of these every christmas? there is something about ginger and i can only have a few bites before i feel very done. i feel bad being married to josh davis this time of year because this is seriously what he lives for, but i try to be supportive from afar and like…hey, i’ll take pictures! that’s nice, right?


we were so excited to be invited by the rockettes to go back stage after the show! samson actually asked after seeing the show last year if the rockettes could come over to play. like, several times. he just loves them and it’s the sweetest thing. we got our tickets way back in november and almost every day he’d ask how many more days until we saw the rockettes. that show really is pure magic. all the dancing santa’s and toy soldiers falling down! also, the live nativity at the end always makes me teary eyed. it’s crazy powerful and i’m often blown away that it’s included in the show. so glad that it’s a part of it.


don’t mind samson hopping all over the stage in search for left over pieces of fallen snow. he collected an entire pocket full to bring home!


seriously so fun for us to get to have a look backstage afterwards and meet a few of the rockettes. thank you again for having us backstage!


me and my sweet boys made our way over to the angel christmas tree at the met last friday! conrad fell asleep before we got there, and we didn’t stay long because we passed a playground on the way over that grabbed samson’s attention and he was eager to stop by on the walk back through the park, but i still got to see her in all her glory and she was beautiful.


later that night, we visited my all-time favorite christmas tree together. the origami tree at the natural history museum. year after year, it’s still my favorite.


while the boys were all out, eleanor and i made the chalk board all a little more festive for the weekend!


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we built a big fort with the kids the day after christmas when we got home from the movies. it ended up being the kids’ home base as they fought crime around the apartment. i shared the video on my insta stories, but i caught a little snippet of them inside the fort, and eleanor whispering to samson, “SAMSON! WE HAVE TO SAVE THE WORLD!” in the most serious whisper tone ever. i just love these kids so freaking much. glad about 85% of the time they are kind to each other and play okay together. haha. they wouldn’t be siblings if they didn’t know how to really BUG the crap out of one another, right?! Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

we went ice skating the day after christmas with my sister and her husband! it was conrad’s first time with skates on and he loved it! except he didn’t want any help (he literally cannot stand up on the ice without one of us holding him up), but he still kept trying to have us let go of him as he kept saying, “no help! i do! i do!” haha. my back still hurts from being hunched over taking him around the ice, but the experience was priceless and i’m so glad he had a good time.

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and samson is seriously the most fearless and happy kid i know. this boy didn’t need any help, and when he fell over, he’d hop back up and get back at it! only slightly terrified about taking him snowboarding next month! lol. he keeps talking about all the “tricks” he’s gonna do this year with his board.

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so happy to have rachel and nelson in the city for the day! the kids faces say it all.


we had a hairstylist in the city we loved and all five us went to her for haircuts (josh had been seeing her since his first year at columbia!) but she moved to florida a few months ago. so i totally attempted to cut conrad’s hair myself this past week since he needed a haircut and we haven’t found a new person just yet. i got him to hold still by distracting him with a show on the iPad, and since he was sitting so still, i just kept going at it! lol, it’s maybe too short, and kind of uneven, and eleanor totally came home from school and said, “oh wow! conrad looks bald!”, but i’m proud of it. and i think i’m getting the hang of it for next time.


my favorite new ornament this year (from anthropologie, and ps. all their ornaments are 50% off right now.)


hope you had a wonderful merry christmas! will share a few more photos from christmas day soon! only a few more days of 2016!!!!!!!


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