Wedding: PART III
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Wedding: PART III

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Hey hey, more wedding! We recapped PART I & PART II…so now PART III. Bear with me there’s a lot- & again, I don’t want to do 38723984732 gazillion posts, you know? Slow & steady is the theme here. With that, I’ll get right to it. After the ceremony was over, everyone went up onto a grassy area ( NO FEAR THOUGH,…


Hey hey, more wedding!

We recapped PART I & PART II…so now PART III. Bear with me there’s a lot- & again, I don’t want to do 38723984732 gazillion posts, you know? Slow & steady is the theme here.

With that, I’ll get right to it.

After the ceremony was over, everyone went up onto a grassy area ( NO FEAR THOUGH, we had Sole Protectors for our heels! ). Dean Martin was playing while everyone kind of mingled. We took a bunch of absurd group photos. Nothing serious for this group- everyone was trying to do the mannequin challenge but the Karma tequila was flowing sooooo it didn’t quite get there. HA.


Afterwards we had all the guests sit down at ONE, LONG table. Another tip: ditch the round tables if you have a small wedding. Reason being, one long table is so fun. It’s kind of medieval feeling. I chose all black for the wedding. No white. We did long black feathers, black huge plates, napkins, candles ( different heights, of course! ), black shot glasses, HUGE-ASS balloons covered in black tulle, gold silverware, & TONS of black calla lilies from Arete Florals.

Shoutout to Esoteric Events who really helped me bring my gothic vision to life. I worked closely with Kristen to create a table that was completely ours. Kristin really listened to me & was VERY organized. I needed strict management here. And staying off Pinterest was key for me. I didn’t want to be swayed.

And of course to Del Cabo Event Design ( << rentals! ), One & Only Palmilla ( << venue! ), & Arete Florals  ( << florals! ).

The second the guests sat down they were greeted with a letter:

our wedding | by the skinny confidential

Since you can’t see very well in the pic, here’s what the table card said:

“If someone were to harm my family or a friend or somebody I love, I would eat them. I might end up in jail for 500 years, but I would eat them.”
– Johnny Depp

You should know…
you’re all our ride or die family and friends.
The most important people in our lives.
The best of the best.

You get it.

Thank you
For enhancing our wedding & journey.
We love you guys!

So let’s let loose- k?
Sit back, relax & have a shot of tequila.



We stuck with the theme of our wedding invitations for the guest letters. All designed by my FAV, Bliss & Bone.

While the guests read their letter we started more speeches. Our friend, Westin, who is mine & Michael’s best friend started. Westin GETS SO NERVOUS. Literally though guys, he wouldn’t eat for like two days before his speech. He was sweating & freaking out. His speech was incredible though. So thoughtful. Westin has known us both since we were 12 years old. Both me & Michael have a special relationship with him. At first he can be shy but once you get to know him, he’s the best friend ever!

After Westin’s speech, Mimi & Jordan spoke together. And then my dad, Michael’s dad, Michael’s mom, & my sister spoke. All of their speeches were quick, funny, & endearing.

Then it was time for more shots. HA. More Karma shots were passed around because I feel like everyone wanted to PARTY.

the wedding | the skinny confidentiallaurynmichaelwedding-444-gt

The food was a medley. Nothing too fancy though. We kept it very casual. No filets. No halibut. No pork chop. Drinks were shots…margaritas & champagne ( HANGOVER CENTRAL ).

I didn’t do a cake because I didn’t want to.

The day after the wedding was The Hangover Brunch so I felt like we could do waffles, pancakes, cornbread, etc. then. Our focus here was on the booze to be honest.

If you haven’t watched the wedding video, I included it here:


My dad was so cute. Basically my grandma & I had already picked out her Cabo looks. One of the looks was this teal kaftan ( CHIC RIGHT ). It was a beautiful beaded piece she chose all on her own. She was VERY adamant about this being her pool moment. Really though, she couldn’t wait to rock it with her huge gold aviators.

Anyway, my dad brought it down to Cabo & then brought it to every SINGLE wedding event.

Michael & I sat in this huge black velvet chair ( it was like a love seat but not cheesy, one we could both sit at ) and over the chair my dad hung The Nanz’ teal kaftan.

I missed her so much the entire wedding.

the wedding | the skinny confidential


I went into my room with Michael ( who was WASTED, HAHAHA ). When Michael drinks too much ( which is like never ) he gets this one erect hair that pops out of his perfectly gelled, man-scaped hair. And lemme tell ya, the one hair was VERY erect. The one hair was poppingggggg. Since I blacked out the night before, it was only fair he had his own diva moment.

The reason I went to my room is because I needed to do an outfit change. As fun as it is to stay in a wedding dress…it’s also not fun. I mean it was kind of cutting off my circulation, Rose from Titanic corset tightlacing-style.

The outfit change was more of a party moment. We’ll get to the outfit & the party in the next post.

So you’re aware we still need to discuss: the party, The Hangover Brunch, the wedding party ( long story ), & my evil, diabolic wedding re-shoot………I told you- it’s a lot. If you’re not a wedding person- SORRY. Just want to make sure I cover my bases here.

laurynmichaelwedding-213laurynmichaelwedding-200the wedding | the skinny confidential

Lastly I have to say a huge thank you to Karma tequila. Because 1.) they’re my favorite tequila EVER— 100% agave, baby. And 2.) they literally got our friends & family buzzed for 4 days straight…also you should know their tequila makes a mean margarita. Trust me, I’ve had practice?

Michael is going to kill me if I don’t get off the computer, I’m clicking & clacking away at the keys while he is sleeping with his noise canceling headphones. Which, by the way, is the BEST investment EVER if you’re in a relationship. I JUST THROW HIS HEADPHONES OVER TO HIM & HE CAN’T HEAR ANYTHING.

Ok, going to make myself a piece of toast with avocado & chili flakes, lemon, & olive oil.

Happy Wednesday guys!

x lauryn

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the wedding | the skinny confidentialthe wedding | the skinny confidential


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